The CanCan Diaries: My Journal at Age 14

I found a notebook whilst visiting my parents full of school-assignment journal entries for my 9th grade English class. I remember taking these very seriously.

January 11, 1995 (CanCan, aged 14)

Today was like no other day, but then I”m looking at it as no two days are exactly alike, and they aren’t, ya know?

[Note from CanCan in the present: Holy crap I want to punch myself.]

Well, today was multi-cultural day. That was pretty boring. Not too bad, though.

In Group today I brought Josh. I learned about how Shadrac, Meshac, and Abednego stood “The Test Of The Campus.” Documi: You have past the test. (“Documi” is the seal of approval.)

[GROUP refers to a teen oriented church group thingy. Josh was the first of two high school boyfriends named Josh. He never actually asked me out.]

After Group I talked to Jeremy for about two seconds, and then I went outside and Morgan & Molly & Charlotte Ann jumped on top of me and beat me up in the grass just because I was giving them wet willies. Me and Morgan bumped heads and my lip got scratched and my pants got dirty but no real harm done. What a good way to release built up tension and stress than to wrestle with a friend.

[I actually still subscribe to this philosophy. Jeremy was an older boy who was also an unofficial boyfriend.]

I’m getting very sleepy so I’ll go to bed in a few lines. I remember when I used to go to bed at 8:00 every night until about 4th or 5th grade. I just wish I could do that now. I would be very energetic. 

Smiley face with eyelashes.



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  1. You are brave, woman. I would cringe if I found something written by my 14 year old self.

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  2. I love reading my old journals and I’m like oh hell the things I cared about then. Haha

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  3. All my journals have been destroyed for many years (not on purpose). But if I were to read them now, I’m quite sure I would want to punch myself in the face too.

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  4. Brave indeed! I’m glad my journals from my teen years are completely gone!

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