How to Blog About Working On A Piece: Advice For New Bloggers


Brave New CanCan…with Stache.

In which I give a nonblogging friend advice on Google Chat.


 Dancer Friend: Right. I have to blog about working with my boss on this new piece throughout the week.
Could I get your help?
 me: i guess but i don’t know how i can help?
 just make a “Workin on the Piece” log
  Dancer Friend: Ew
 me: today i worked on my boss’s piece
i worked on it so good
  first we got ready by doing this
  then we did this
  Dancer Friend: Stop. That’s totes gross
 me: then that
  and then it was time to rest the piece.
  just fill in the deets!
  Dancer Friend:Throwing up
 me: lol
  look, you want to be a blogger or not?
 Dancer Friend:: Haha! Ugh. I crack me up.
 me: i amuse myself muchly!
  i’m the funniest person i know.
 Dancer Friend: Oh
 Dancer Friend:……….

Author: cancan

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  1. Hey…She asked for some advice and you gave an answer that would probably bring a few readers. Perhaps not the demographic she was looking for, but I’d consider your ‘advice to a friend’ duties to be fulfilled. :D

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    • I agree. Totally checked off my list.

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  2. That is the best advice ever, for anything, ever. All you have to do is fill in the details, and voila! you’re done~!

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  3. LOL! Tiff’s right–it’s funny to get a little look at a private chat!

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  4. I swear some of the conversations I have had as a blogger are just hilarious! Blogger world is JUST so different from other work world! This was funny!

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